Childhood Should Be A Journey, Not A Race

At Pediatric Pathways it is our collective belief that pediatrics truly encompasses the physical, psychological and social aspects of child care. Our aim is to participate with your family to give each child the opportunities to reach his or her maximum potential. Our goal is to provide quality patient care with an emphasis on prevention and anticipatory child guidance. To achieve this goal does indeed require a team approach involving our entire staff working in conjunction with your family. We are continually striving to improve our office efficiency and our approaches to patient care, and therefore, we sincerely appreciate any constructive suggestions that you might have.

Although we are trained and practice as traditional providers, we are open to complementary/alternative medicine. Pediatric Pathways works closely with the midwife community in Denver. We are STRONG advocates of breastfeeding and have our own lactation consultant Sarah Taylor PA-C on staff. Even though we recommend following the AAP vaccine schedule, we are open to discussion of alternative vaccine choices. Our providers are conservative in the use of antibiotics and invasive tests.

We believe that Childhood Should Be A Journey...Not A Race and are here to facilitate your family's journey. In the growth from infant to adult, side trips occur: some are joyous, some are challenging, some are negative, a few are life threatening. Your instincts to love and care for your child are an excellent resource. Our experience and expertise are available for you to draw from as well.

Childhood Should Be A Journey...Not A Race