From Crib to College

The practice was started over 40 years ago by now retired pediatricians; Dr. Jim Arthur and Dr. Gordon Blakeman.

Adam Huff MD joined the practice in 1996, Sarah Taylor PA-C in 2001, Joe Marceny MD in 2002 and Ashleigh Rigg PA-C in 2006.

One of the strengths of our practice has been our close affiliation with The Children's Hospital and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. All of our providers are members of the Clinical Faculty and are extremely active in this role. Our teaching of medical students, interns, residents, and PA students is a definite source of pride for our practice.

Pediatric Pathways has always been a "rotating" practice, which means that typically all patients see all providers. Because our practice is relatively small we all know all of the patients. This way when your child is sick, they will always see someone the know, not just a provider who is covering for their regular doctor. The rotating practice helps us to be on time and decrease your wait time. However, it is fine to request a specific provider.

Childhood Should Be A Journey...Not A Race